Cherish Forever

Whether it's taking photos of your puppy, a fun studio session, a lifestyle session in the great outdoors, I'm in! Scroll through my galleries. Get ideas. Become inspired. Then let's talk!

Puppy Session
So a puppy has joined your pack. Congratulations! Nothing better than a puppy. But they grow up soooo fast. Book your puppy a photo session before it's too late.
Studio Sessions
My studio is mobile and simple. The lights are constant because some dogs get stressed with popping lights and high whining sound of battery recharge. I can easily set-up in relatively small areas such as a living room or den because the system is small and light. Typically dogs are quite comfortable and anyway I take my time, letting your dog lead and engage with me. Get that 'hang on the wall' print you've always wanted.
The Great Outdoors
Let's go on an adventure! Lifestyle photoshoots are always unpredictable. Always fun. Always memorable!
Want off leash photos? No problem. I book a beautiful one acre fully fenced yard. Just you, me and your dogs enjoying a play session. Have a special spot? Your back yard. A walk. A view of the lake? Let's go! I'm always up for an adventure.
The Barn
Do you share your life with those magical creatures called horses? Got goats? Chickens? Barn cats? I love photographing them all. I'd love to photograph a cow someday.... Just saying...
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